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Welcome to "Games with Stories"

Updated: May 31, 2023

Hi, I'm Melissa Meyer. I'm a hobbyist artist, a book nerd, and a mother of two. I love watching and playing in Games with Stories, aka RPGs, MMOs, TTRPGs, and TTRPG Actual Plays. My art is almost always inspired by a game I play in or watch. I'm also an avid learner and tend to take a structured approach to growth. I'm a mother and work full-time, so learning tends to take the form of video courses, youtube how-tos, books, and articles. As I learn new and fascinating things, I love sharing new insights ... and that's where this blog comes in. I suspect I sometimes bore folks to tears as I babble on about new tidbits I picked up or a new framework I discovered. So this blog is less about reaching people with my words, and more about containing my excitement about various topics here, where participation in the workings of my mind is entirely voluntary.

I'll write blogs on various topics within the range of my interests: digital art, storytelling in the ttrpg medium, written storytelling, and project management. And if it's just me speaking to the ether ... that's just fine.

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